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Søren Andreasen & Ole Torjus - Split unn001

Split is a split album by Ole Torjus and Søren Andreasen. Split conains 9 tracks made by the both of us, and one we made together. It is a collection of music that we made during the first months of moving to the rainy city of Bergen. The download contains alot of suprises, and stories about each track!

"Wishing to convey ‘some sort of closeness to the everyday thing’ through warm and minimalistic electronica tunes (as they state themselves), the ole torjus / Søren Andreasen split is a sweet little album aiming to warm our hearts on a rainy summer day with their pure and honest sound in the veins of Kim Hiorthøy" - Tonje Thilesen, NoFearOfPop

"7.5 - Ole Torjus and Søren Andreasen's “Split” shows me how many great things are going on in Norway’s music scene. What these two do here is offer up some delicate, restrained human electronica. By using this release as a start to their “unn records” imprint lets the label start off on the right foot. It’s a sweet, tender, and somewhat quiet release." Beach Sloth.
released 28 March 2011
Photographs by Ming Unn Andersen